Hrithik Roshan says #KeepGoing in the new HRx campaign

Social Samosa
Apr 24, 2017 06:19 IST

Hrithik Roshan is perhaps one of the most towering testimonials of athleticism in the psyche of every Indian. Having proved his mettle at the gym, the silver screen and the stage, time and again, all he does is #KeepGoing and champions the cause of fitness with HRx, his own apparel brand.

For HRx’s new campaign, Hrithik Roshan urges himself and everyone watching, to #KeepGoing and not give up in the battle against themselves with a powerful video backed by a compelling background music score.

HRx predominantly produces gym and casual wear priced competitively for the Indian consumer, and appeals to the Indian audience through Hrithik Roshan’s popularity and well known identity as a fitness enthusiast.

The video is well made, with Hrithik Roshan voicing a message that resonated with social media users leading to an overwhelmingly positive performance. #KeepGoing by HRx received more than 159k reactions and 12.7k shares on Facebook alone.

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