Learn the A-Z of Instagram with Insta Gyaan

Insta Gyaan

As the squabble to acquire more users continues amongst social media platforms, Insta Gyaan is the picture portal’s visual how-to guide for the Indian Instagram user.

A graphic novel meets comic approach, it was created by Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, a comic maker based in Bangalore. Insta Gyaan is the A to Z of Instagram, especially crafted for the millions of Indian users.

Aimed at educating the Indian audience on how to squeeze every bit of advantage and fun out of their Instagram accounts, Insta Gyaan covers topics ranging from how to connect with more than 600 million potential viewers and followers, to effectively utilizing all the tools that Instagram offers to their users.

India features prominently in Facebook Inc. and in their subsidiaries Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp’s expansion plans, and it makes sense since Mark Zuckerberg views 1 billion people as 1 billion potential users.

Insta Gyaan creator, Kaveri Gopalakrishnan has enjoyed recognition in Indian, European and North American magazines and graphic novel anthologies.

You can download the digital copy of Insta Gyaan here, and enhance your Instagram experience.

The timing of the launch of Insta Gyaan is uncanny as the initiative places India as a very important market on Facebook Inc’s priority list, when Snapchat CEO, Evan Spigel has been embroiled in the controversy of calling India a poor country.