Instagram Direct receives new update; user base crosses 375 million mark

Instagram Direct

Instagram is pushing for more one on one interaction amongst users by making a few changes to Instagram Direct, the messaging feature on their platform, by combining ephemeral and the previous Instagram DM feature.

After the photo sharing platform was ‘inspired’ by Snapchat to introduce Stories, Instagram is slowly fine tuning the Instagram Stories experience by introducing Stories to Instagram Direct albeit keeping the Direct Stories, and Instagram Direct separate.

Instagram has combined the two, so you can send self destructing images and videos to your friends, which upon viewing will naturally disappear, and the Instagram Direct that we have been used to.

Instagram Direct

This update for Instagram Direct is the company’s way of simplifying conversation, putting out the message that Instagram is the place for you to share just about anything with your friends such as pictures, videos and text messages.

In their own words, Instagram describes the new update as a way “to make it fast and easy to turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos. Texts and reshares will now appear in the same thread with disappearing photos and videos so you can seamlessly go back and forth with your friends.”

Disappearing media in an Instagram Direct thread will be highlighted by the color blue, whereupon you can view what your friends have sent, and also, your friend will be notified if you replay it or take a screenshot. (where have I heard this before?). Also, unlike Snapchat, texts on Instagram Direct will not disappear.

Instagram Direct

To summarize it all, NOTHING ABOUT INSTAGRAM DIRECT HAS CHANGED, except for the fact that Instagram Stories and the Direct we know, have now been mashed together. Although, if you would still like a tutorial, here it is:

  • Swipe left as you usually do to send Direct Messages, and you will see a new blue camera icon at the bottom of the screen, using which you can send disappearing photos and videos.
  • In an existing Direct Message thread, you will also see a blue camera icon.
  • Group DMs will show notifications for users to keep track of who has seen your messages.

Also, Instagram says this new update is one of the few changes that are going to be made to Instagram Direct this year, so we can expect Instagram has some ideas in the pipeline if the new update performs well.

Android and iOS handsets can download the new Instagram version 10.16. for the new update.

As compared to Instagram’s core user numbers, which are 600 million, only fifty percent used Instagram Direct until November last year, and the number has now breached the 375 million mark, which is a considerable increase.

This number could increase significantly if the audience leans towards Instagram Direct, which depends upon how fluid the experience turns out to be.

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