How Kotak Life Insurance created awareness with #ItsNotYourFault

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Road accidents often involve two parties, one at fault and one without any, but it affects both equally, and Kotak Life Insurance promoted protection and precaution with this campaign.


With a hard hitting message aimed at spreading awareness around life insurance for riders, Kotak Life Insurance urged their audience to protect themselves, even if #ItsNotYourFault.


The brand created six different videos to depict how a person falls victim to an accident that was not their fault, and the videos were created around three different themes, Critical Illness, Permanent Disability and Accidental Death.

#ItsNotYourFault was launched on 3rd December, World Disability Day with a teaser launched a day prior, and the next day, the first video of the campaign was posted on social media. The video depicted how an accident occurs due to potholes on the roads.

This activity was followed by another teaser for the second video, three days later, which managed to sustain the buzz around #ItsNotYourFault.

Over the course of 10 days, the other four videos were posted on social media, with each video highlighting individuals who were wronged without being at fault themselves.

After the first three videos were launched, #ItsNotYourFault was supplemented with content, including an Education Series that imparted knowledge and information to social media users about Riders and its benefits.

#LifeKiShortStories, a short content series from Kotak Life Insurance showcasing different stories in a few words were incorporated as part of the campaign.

The brand also leveraged Facebook Slideshows as part of #ItsNotYourFault, in order to create an innovative property to recreate stories of accidents for a visual depiction.

As #ItsNotYourFault drew towards conclusion, Kotak communicated a message on New Year’s Eve, with a message of ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ which was conveyed through the campaign. Highlighting the fact that one person’s decisions can affect others’ lives too.

This message was communicated via an album series, along with a Twitter-only image series where the brand used 8-bit characters to depict accidents under the themes.


The six videos combined to reach more than 6,62,173 users on social media, accumulating more than 2,68,009 views.

#ItsNotYourFault managed to reach 7,38,082 people on social media, delivering an astonishing 9,36,160 impressions.

The campaign garnered a total of 3536 interactions, with 699 shares and a reach of 32,828.

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