LinkedIn launches Lead Gen Forms for smartphone users

Businesses can now generate quality leads on LinkedIn without any sort of hassle with Lead Gen Forms, eliminating form filling hassles

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Lead Gen Forms

Generating quality leads from LinkedIn without any sort of hassle is now a possibility, both for people and businesses with Lead Gen Forms.

More than 80% engagement on LinkedIn Sponsored Content occurs on smartphones, which justifies the mobile first approach from the network taken with Lead Gen Forms.

Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn utilize user data from their profiles, leaving nothing for the user to fill in except send the information forward to the business. Once a LinkedIn user clicks on a Sponsored Post, their information such as Name, Contact Info, Job Title, Company Name and Location are pre-filled into the forms, eliminating any possibility that could potentially hinder communication between a business and consumer.

LinkedIn is also offering businesses with the capability to track metrics from Lead Gen Forms such as number of leads, cost per lead, lead form rate and the number of audiences that are being converted into leads.

It makes sure LinkedIn members are not redirected to other websites, and takes but a couple of taps to send forth their information. Also, LinkedIn is planning to expand Lead Gen Forms to Desktop in the next few months.

The three major benefits of availing the new LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are lower cost per leads, a comprehensive measurement of ROI and simplified lead management.

LinkedIn surveyed 50 customers, 90% of who registered a lower cost-per-lead as compared to their standard Sponsored Content campaigns. Not only that, LinkedIn boasts of a higher quality of leads with accurate data.

“Our reporting tools in LinkedIn Campaign Manager track key metrics like CPL, form fill rate, and other important data points to measure the value you're getting from your ad spend. In the near future, we’ll also include demographic reports that show the exact number of leads you're getting from specific audience segments.” adds Divye Khilnani, Product Manager at LinkedIn.

Lead lists are easily downloadable through Campaign Manager, or any third party marketing automation system or CRM system of their choice through LinkedIn partners Driftrock and Zapier.

“Soon, marketers will also be able to send their lead data directly to their Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 accounts.” Divye Khilnani continues.

"Lead Gen Forms have dramatically improved our target users’ experience with amplified content, as well as our form fill rates. It’s the optimal ad unit to get the best bang for your lead gen buck.", Ashley Hirschbek, senior digital marketing specialist at agency LEWIS Pulse are one of the few beneficiaries of the new Lead Gen Forms from LinkedIn.

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