LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamic 365 now integrated deeper

LiknedIn Sales Navigator

Microsoft has begun to combine the best of their innovation and acquisition to enhance the experience for Sales Professionals by offering deeper integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Announcing the news in a blog post on LinkedIn, Doug Camplejohn, Head of Products, Sales Solutions writes, “we strive to become the daily system of engagement for all sales professionals..”

To attain the aforementioned goal, the deeper integration between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales will now offer the following :

“1. Displaying Sales Navigator person and company information on every Dynamics lead, contact, account and opportunity page.

2. Daily updates between systems so the accounts and contacts sales reps are actively working on in Dynamics 365 are automatically saved to Sales Navigator. In addition, sales reps can see in Sales Navigator what people and companies are already saved in Dynamics, and vice-versa.

3. With a single click, the ability to write select Sales Navigator activities (InMails, messages, notes and call logs) to Dynamics 365.” as per Doug Camplejohn’s blog post.

An all new Microsoft Relationship Sales Solutions will be available from 1st July onwards from Microsoft and LinkedIn Sales Teams starting at $135. It combines the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Team Edition.

The company claims it to be “..the most compelling offer of its kind in the CRM market today.”

Camplejohn also reveals that there will be more changes/upgrades ad news about Sales Navigator throughout the year.

Interested parties can reach out to their respective Microsoft or LinkedIn sales reps to know more about the Sales Navigator and Dynamic 365 integration and the offer.