Live Streaming on YouTube Mobile now available to users with 1000+ subscribers

Live Streaming on YouTube

After a troublesome few weeks, YouTube has some positive developments to boast of. Budding YouTube vloggers have something to cheer for as the company has announced a much smaller subscriber criteria for Live streaming on YouTube from Mobile phones from 10,000 to 1000.

A subscriber limit ensures stray incidents such as violence, assault, nudity or any other such activities that induce disrepute for Live streaming on YouTube have trouble landing on the website, something that Facebook Live continues to struggle with.

Live Streaming on YouTube

Earlier, YouTube only allowed channels with more than 10,000 subscribers to Live Stream on YouTube from Mobile Devices.

Now those are two different situations, but its admirable for YouTube to take precautionary measures like that. Not only does that narrow down the possibility of ensuring no foul content makes it way onto YouTube, it automatically maintains the quality of Live videos since not everything is entertaining just because it’s Live.

Earlier last month, YouTube expressed their plans to only offer monetization to YouTube channels that cross 10,000 views on their channels, which was a reactionary measure after a lot of brands began pulling their ads from the video portal when it was reported that their ads were being displayed on extremist/hateful videos on YouTube.

With these changes, YouTube makes sure the legitimacy of said channels as it gives the platform some time to review the activities of a creator, and makes sure a content creator does not indulge in nefarious activities under the garb of Live streaming.

Live streaming on YouTube from Mobile devices is available for Android devices that run on Android 6 and above and iOS devices that run on iOS 8 and above.

Creators can enable or disable Live Chat, set up Privacy Settings, Age Limit and add a description before they begin Live Streaming on Youtube.

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