National Geographic’s #MissionBlue gains momentum with #7StepWaterChallenge


The #7StepWaterChallenge highlights the water scarcity in the country and situation of people going through it.

Earlier this month, National Geographic launched Mission Blue, an initiative to create awareness about the water scarcity in the rural areas of the country. Featuring Farhan Akhtar, the campaign instantly became the talk of the social town.

Taking #MissionBlue a step ahead, the media conglomerate initiated #7StepWaterChallenge. The video shows Tanmay Bhat attempting to balance a tiny water bottle on his head while and walk seven steps. After several attempts, Bhat expresses that if it is this difficult to balance a bottle for seven stops how do rural women balance big vessels of water while walking a minimum half hour every day.

Bringing to light the plight of the population going through water scarcity, Tanmay Bhat then challenged, fellow stand-up comedians to take up this challenge. The trend soon picked up with the socialverse taking up the challenging and nominating their friends to do the same.

#7StepWaterChallenge so far has managed to gain traction and create an impact. How many big names the challenge manages to bring will be crucial in how it performs further.

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