#ShareForEarth: Ola takes the environment conservation route again

Ola #ShareForEarth

Attempting to show certain responsibilities and concern towards the environment, Ola Cabs celebrated World Earth Day by creating an animated campaign titled #ShareForEarth.

Environmental friendly campaign

According to Ola Cabs’ blog , India is the 4th largest contributor of carbon dioxide in global atmosphere exhaling over 391 million tons of gas on Indian roads in 2016 alone.   

Global warming is real and so real that it’s getting worse with time. Ola Cabs leveraged on the World Earth Day to speak out against this mayhem, integrating it in their service. Through an animated film, the brand put out vivacious colors and scary numbers together to grab our attention towards this imperative phenomenon.

The statistics in the video portrayed over 21500165 vehicles run on Indian roads and after these scarring digits the brand suggested a solution that if people start taking the Ola Share service, the scenario of the roads will transform for good.

The film picked up the infamous peak traffic areas of metropolitan cities of Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi and foresighted a situation that has lesser traffic, time and carbon emission. The brand lured their audience by giving them some perks after they use the share service.

The #ShareForEarth campaign received 3k views and the brand promoted the cause by sharing creatives around the idea.

An environmental friendly brand

The brand though created a topical campaign this year, it has been very vocal about its support to the environment even before.  

Back in August 2016, Ola Cabs released a campaign titled #DoYourShare wherein they created a game putting three cities – Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore up against each other to achieve a target of reduction in carbon emission. The brand tracked the carbon emission in real-time on live digital counters over social media, urging people to keep their city cleaner and eventually promote a greener and sustainable environment.

Shared mobility is the exemplar the brand utilized for sustainable convey, which was used yet again this time. Posing environment as the priority, the brand made a reasonable argument to promote their share service, unlike the over-exaggerated advertising methods used otherwise.

Not just this, but on World Environment Day back in 2015, the brand partnered with Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI) to take their step towards climate change, wherein a minimum recharge of Rs. 100 through Ola mobile app, they donated an amount to the organization who would then plant a sapling on your behalf.

Overall, the brand has been loyal to their social cause of being environmentally aware and took up the topical opportunity to speak up for their choice of cause.