How ShopHolix and Forever 21 built a community of shoppers with Style Files

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Style Files

ShopHolix and Forever 21 seamlessly interweaved offline activities to drive social media engagement and generate Style Files


The core objective was to create brand awareness and build a community of highly engaged shoppers.


ShopHolix designed Style Files to achieve multiple marketing goals. Beginning with an offline activity at the Forever 21 outlets, urging shoppers to create their very own and unique Style Files, sharing them on social media with their friends and followers.

Further engaging more shoppers to visit the stores and create new content, the campaign had a snowball effect, and managed to create an exclusive catalogue, since the outfits were picked out by individuals themselves.

Giving shoppers a chance to create their very own ensemble and share their Style Files on social media allowed them to express their style, forming an emotional bond with the shoppers.


The campaign became popular on Facebook and Instagram with a high amount of user generated content from the shoppers, and the content posted on ShopHolix social media pages, leading to a reach of 443,000 on Facebook, and on Instagram, The StyleFiles reached 485,000 users.

The campaign helped in pulling around 5000 shoppers to the Forever 21 stores in Mumbai, and more than 400 new Style Files were created and shared by shoppers.

Style Files helped ShopHolix create an audience by leveraging social media platforms, and user generated content, fulfilling their objectives successfully.

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