Snapchat tests Snap to Store to drive and measure store visits

Snap to Store for brands to calculate store visits on the basis of location and how many times their geofilter was used by Snapchat users.

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Snap to Store

Snapchat has unearthed a smarter means of generating revenue from their platform, milking the millennial compulsion of amateur photoshoots each time they visit a restaurant, store or other such brick and mortar business. The new product has been named ‘Snap to Store’.

Geofilters on Snapchat have been a highly successful and popular introduction, and the new Snap to Store update for brands to calculate store visits on the basis of how many times their geofilter was used by Snapchat users.

Up to seven businesses were on board for the beta test, including Wendy’s, Paramount Pictures and chain store, 7-Eleven among others.

Snap to Store does something even Facebook has previously faced some obstacles with. That is ‘Driving store visits, and offering a way to measure them’ which is a tantalizing prospect for businesses with a physical presence.

Snap to Store

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One of the first brands to come on board for the beta test, Wendy’s US stores had sponsored geofilters, promoting one of Wendy’s products, and the campaign helped Wendy’s register up to 42,000 visits to Wendy stores within seven days.

Snapchat is offering data dashboard that offers numbers to the business about the number of people who saw the campaign, and the number of people who visited the given location.

Addressing privacy concerns since the feature has to do with users’ locations, Snap Inc. Founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel laid out their principles of not tracking user location when the app isn’t running.

Snap to Store will be made available to more businesses in future, and Snapchat can reapply their knowledge of user preferences with the knowledge of Discover channel and who watches what. Also, based on your use of geofilters, and location, Snapchat can gain some insight into user behaviour to, and that could be termed as invasive and hence the disclaimer from Evan Spiegel making it very clear that Snapchat WILL NOT BE CREEPY.

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