Taazgi Express features Ranveer Singh with all his bling

Taazgi Express

Dressed up in a dazzling red suit, being his own super-energetic self and grooving to some foot-tapping music. Set up in a drowsy railway station, Ranveer Singh the brand ambassador of Colgate Maxfresh through this film personifies the product’s character of being fresh and full of zest.

The film titled Taazgi Express with Ranveer Singh depicts how Singh through his dance moves and the freshness of Colgate Maxfresh changes the lethargic mood of the people around the station into absolute liveliness, pushing them to shake a leg with him.

Let’s just say this is Ranveer Singh being himself! What are your thoughts on the campaign? Let us know in the comments below and to read about it in our reviews section let us know on [email protected]