The Cookie Jar Experiment by Axis Mutual Fund throws light on healthcare finances

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The Cookie Jar Experiment

Axis Mutual Fund conducted a campaign titled –The Cookie Jar Experiment to create awareness around a happy retirement.

Their consumer survey through a unique experiment revealed how everyone has massive retirement plans consisting things like traveling, spending enough time with family or perusing their hobbies keeping the health aspect at bay.

Basis this insight, Axis Mutual Fund came up with an interesting experiment wherein they asked people what do they picture themselves doing post-retirement, and gave them cookies that symbolizes money to be filled in each of cookie jar which represented the investment to be made to fulfill their post-retirement dreams.

The result was that while the travel and hobbies' jar was filled, the health jar remained empty which surfaced how people tend to ignore health related expenses focusing only on dreams.

Over the period of time, health starts deteriorating and even small health issues can take a toll on finances, hence once needs to plan for the essential jar of healthcare expenses.  Hence, Axis Mutual Fund looks at educating the customers to lead a secure post retirement life.

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