#VijayMallya arrested in London and Twitter went berserk!

#VijayMallya has been arrested in London, and Twitter absolutely went berserk with memes, tweets and some legit beer concerns!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Apr 18, 2017 11:06 IST
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The King of Good Times has had trouble justifying his title for about a year now, and the Scotland Yard has completely stripped him off it today. Defaulter Vijay Mallya has been arrested in London.

He is about to be produced in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court today and could be extradited to India soon. Now for the banks that he owes money, it is very good news. For Vijay Mallya, not so much. And for Twitter? It’s time for some #VijayMallya memes! And some people had legit concerns about their favorite beer being available.

Twitter erupted with #VijayMallya tweets within minutes of the news report, and people just can’t get enough of this Schadenfreude. Check out some of the most brutal tweets about Mallya’s arrest.

1. Sahi pakde hai mitron!

2. This guy has his priorities organized.


Kingfisher beer to band nahi hogi na?? bas puch rahe hain ? #mallyaarrested #VijayMallya #London

— ०शुभम गोस्वामी० (@shustrong7) April 18, 2017

3. Rubbing it in huh?

4. What the ….?

5. There’s a song for everything!

6. The Kingfisher has been fished out.


8. NRI. Get it? Get it?

9. Sad reacts only

10. I was wondering why hasn’t he joined in yet.

11. I see what you did there!

12. Oh God it’ everywhere!!!!

13. Dekho woh aa gaya

14. Ohhhhh….

15. Keh ke paisa lenge!

16. *mutual feels*

17. OMG diya bujh gaya :(

18. Not Kingfisher Airlines though

19. Nahi yaar kuch bhi xD

20. Pakka Vijay bro!

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