Airbnb's Instagram will give you the ultimate travel goals

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Airbnb's Instagram

Crafting aesthetically rich and pleasantly affordable experiences for travelers, Airbnb has thrived to reform the hospitality industry by connecting the world through stories. With the quest to discover stories, Social Samosa digs in their Instagram stacked by breathtaking photos.

Instagram is a gold mine for travel photos and speaking more than a thousand words with their pictures, Airbnb has converted itself into a mesmerizing travel blog, paradise for thrill-seeking travelers, craving for an enriching cultural experience.

Penang, Malaysia

Staying in proximity to the Malaysian culture around the shrines and shops of the town, this Airbnb is wonderful and vintage-y.

Flamingo Heights, California

Tucked away from the city lights, amidst a desert in the lap of nature, this Airbnb in California is a treat for travelers looking for some peace.

Egilsstaoir, Iceland

Countryside on a farm, under the twinkling stars, this Airbnb in Iceland is another scenic location for travelers with a humble abode.

Tuscany, Italy

An edgy, contemporary tree house in Italy is giving travel goals by providing an aesthetic stay with a canopy of greens around.

South Delhi, India

In the heart of the capital city of India, Airbnb is offering a house of glass with a delicate patio overlooking Hauz Khas Village Lake, slightly away from the city chaos.

Bali, Indonesia

Offering luxury with the vibe of Indonesia, this Airbnb listing has a house with a pool in the backyard and a lounging space next to it.

Merida Yucatan, Mexico

Bursting of summer colors with a rustic vibe to the entire décor of the house, this house in Mexico is homely in comfort and looks spectacular.

Marrakesh, Morroco

Cozy courtyards and privacy this Airbnb location has warm, earthy colors for a calm vacation in an enclosed space with your dear ones.

Paris, France

A heaven for plant-lovers, decked up with greens, this AirBnb listing in Paris is every floraphile’s dream vacation.

Mingling travel and culture, engaging their audience with visuals, Airbnb is enhancing the experience for travelers, taking a shift from the ordinary. Now these photographs are just tempting us to pack our bags and find an Airbnb.

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