Branded content done right: Clovial-Ixigo video earns over 200k views

Clovia Ixigo

Packing a suitcase when you’re travelling is a task as it is, and when you’re packing a suitcase for perhaps the most anticipated, special and kinda awkward trip of your life, its gotta be as interesting as it is tiring. Yes we’re talking about the honeymoon, and what should you pack for it! Don’t know? Clovia and Ixigo have an answer.

Clovia, one of India’s leading lingerie brands have collaborated with Ixigo to stimulate the playful curiosity that surrounds a honeymooning couple’s belongings with a quirky video that shows us ‘must pack items for a honeymoon.’ Right from the staple selfie stick and digicam, to sunglasses and whatnots, it moves on to perhaps the most important part of honeymoon packing. Lingerie!

Yeah that’s right. We know you agree.

The brand aims at igniting conversation that eventually leads from Clovia stores, to the bedroom by revisiting the honeymoon ‘phase’ and the excitement that it brings with it. The campaign video with its quirky take clicked with digital audiences as it quickly received more than 200k views on Facebook, and 100 shares on Clovia’s official page, and went on to receive 45k views and 100 shares on Ixigo’s official Facebook page.

In the first look, Clovia appears to be riding the brand integration wave. Ixigo however, has developed a reputation for creating viral videos, courtesy DMAi Content Marketer Of The Year Award winner Ashish Chopra. Remember Ixigo’s famous Beach Please video that achieved over half a million views in two days?

Working with Ixigo, it could be said that Clovia wished to ride the viral wave that Ixigo hasmastered. Now, the brand integration could be termed minimal at most, yet it ended up working for Clovia.

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