Twitter introduces customizable Direct Message Card for Businesses

customizable Direct Message Card

The customizable Direct Message card will drive discovery of Bots & Personalized Customer Experiences in DMs.

Twitter announced the launch of new, customizable Direct Message Card that businesses can use to promote and share bots and other customer experiences built in Direct Messages.

An increasingly number of businesses are using Direct Messages to create rich, personalized interactions that deepen relationships with consumers, ranging from customer acquisition to fun, engaging bots such as the first ever March Madness bracket builder in Direct Messages (#WendysBracket). With this new card, Twitter aims at helping businesses drive discovery of such experiences- both through Promoted Tweets and organic sharing.

Using a Direct Message Card, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video creatives, and include up to four fully customizable call-to-action buttons. Each call-to-action button takes the user into a specific experience within Direct Messages. With Direct Message Cards running in Promoted Tweet campaigns, businesses can leverage Twitter Ads’ full targeting suite to find a relevant audience to pull into personalized conversations at scale. Businesses can also turn their audience into advocates by encouraging them to share the experience in their own voice through a Tweet.

Several brands around the world are launching Promoted Tweet campaigns using the Direct Message Card this week to drive discovery of the experiences they have built. Patrón Tequila, a leading spirits brands, is using the Direct Message Card to entice people to engage with their messaging bot — Bot-Tender — which creates personalized cocktail recommendations based on responses to questions around occasion, flavor, and even emoji.

Commenting on the launch, Arvinder Gujral, Sr. Director, Business Development, Twitter Asia Pacific, said “A brand’s social presence and engagement have become an integral part of the customer experience journey today as tech-savvy customers research and educate themselves about the product prior to a purchase. Twitter is the best place for customers to reach brands in real-time and vice versa, and with today’s launch of Direct Message Cards, businesses can expand and deepen their engagement with customers by leading them straight to customized Direct Message experiences.”

The Direct Message Card is a robust discovery tool that complements other features Twitter has built to make Direct Messages a powerful canvas for brands to build personalized and scalable conversational experiences, including Welcome Messages, Quick Replies, Custom Profiles and Location Sharing.

The additional tools  are to create new ways of engaging and building deeper relationships for brands with their audiences on Twitter. According to the official announcement, the DM card is a manifestation of Twitter’s endeavour to provide brands with innovative tools to create new ways of engaging and building deeper relationships with their audiences on the platform.