Facebook close to making history by registering 2 billion users!

Facebook User Face

We are this close (hold your index and thumb really close) to witnessing social media history, as the Facebook user base is on the verge of completing a mind numbing 2 billion users. What stands between Facebook and 2 billion users? A measly 60 million new users.

And NO, 60 million new users are nothing special for Facebook as they are for other social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. Don’t believe us? Facebook user base was as big as 1.86 billion in the previous quarter and 1.65 billion before that. You see the pattern right?

Moreover, around 1.28 billion people are visiting Facebook every day, a number that has gone up by 18% year over year.

No other social media platform stands even close to challenging Facebook in terms of user base, and even the ones that are closest, are owned by Facebook itself. WhatsApp and Messenger, both boast of a billion plus user base respectively and are Instant Messaging platforms, so it makes little to no difference to Facebook.

Facebook owned Instagram is also the undisputed champion when it comes to photo sharing platforms with more than 700 million users, and 200 million users on Snapchat killer, Instagram Stories.

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As reported by CNN Money, Facebook reported $8 billion in revenues for the quarter, although their total sales growths have dropped to a 49% growth, down from 50% or above that the company has posted for five consecutive years.

“David Wehner, Facebook’s CFO, said in November the company expected to see its ad sales growth rate “come down meaningfully” in 2017” as reported by CNN Money.

We can expect Facebook to cross the threshold and register 2 billion users anytime in the next couple of months, and it will truly be a historic moment for the social networking giant that Mark Zuckerberg has built from the ground up.