Facebook Marketplace gets a face lift

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has done away with the bland features for Facebook Marketplace, replacing them with new icons infused with color, and enhanced search features.

The person-to-person selling feature from Facebook, aptly christened Facebook Marketplace, was launched last year and had quite a few stumbles initially.  Facebook has since made sure nothing of that sort reoccurs. The new changes made to Marketplace are aimed at making it user friendly and visually appealing.

Facebook Marketplace

For the user friendly bit, Facebook has made it easier to find and search items through categories. A list of common categories such as Tools, Baby and Kids, Mobile Phones etc are now scroll-able at the top.

Facebook Marketplace

Another interesting feature lets users find garage sales in their vicinity through their location and price, and can also add keywords to filter the results even more effectively.

Facebook Marketplace

Your real estate guy may also face some Facebook competition as Housing ads are also available under the Marketplace Classifieds tab.

As opposed to simply browsing through products on Amazon in leisure, Marketplace users tend to know what they are looking for on used/discounted products.

The facelifted version of Marketplace is available for all users.

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