Honda Activa 4G debuts with Nayi Generation Hai

Honda Activa 4G

With over 16 years of association with the Honda Activa, the company highlighted these very emotions for the launch of Honda Activa 4G.

One of the most successful two wheelers in the Indian market, the Honda Activa has enjoyed the loyalties of people across generations and gender, which showed the brand’s target audience was never a narrow one. For their newest campaign titled ‘Nayi Generation Hai’, Honda created a video, with a number of scenarios highlighting the important part that Honda Activa plays in the lives of people.

“With trust of over 1.5 crore Indian families, Activa has grown to become India’s No. 1 selling two-wheeler brand. Its continuous evolution over the years in terms of technology, innovation and design ethos has made Activa relevant across generations. While retaining its core of trust and reliability, our astute communication has led Activa to gain top of consumer mindshare as well. The biggest insight when we started the TVC campaign was ‘A new generation in every generation.’ This is what the New Activa 4G television campaign captures… every age group is now a new generation and Activa 4G is made for them,”said Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India.

The first sequence of the video shows a middle aged man who sneaks out of the house for snacks with his daughter late at night. The father-daughter duo set out for a joyride on an Activa to a food kiosk. The sequences are followed by a montage, i.e. father-daughter, women performing Zumba, mother-son duo, grandmother-grandson duo and old couple seen riding Activa and enjoying their ride. The film ends with a voice over – “Aajkal India ki har generation, Nayi Generation Hai. Inhi ke liye aayi hai nayi generation wali Activa 4G”

“Time was when we used to say ye nayi peedhi hai, ye aisi hain, waisi hain, inko samajhna mushkil hai etc. But now you see that there is no such thing as a generation gap. Everyone behaves in similar ways. Everyone’s on social media, everyone’s physically active, so on and so forth. When we received the brief for the country’s top selling 4th generation two-wheeler – Activa 4G, we thought it’s an opportune time to speak of this new generation that defies all age related myths,” said Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One

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