Indian Air Force lauds women pilots with Ek Ladki Hoon Main

Ek Ladki Hoon Main

With visuals of a war scene of fighter airplanes swimming in the air, visually pleasing rapid movements of these planes supported with a background narration of a girl, this official campaign of the Indian Air Force titled ‘Ek Ladki Hoon Main’ recalls how the society looks down upon woman.

Yet again, taking a feminist approach to their content Indian Airforce attempts to normalize and encourage women to become a part of the defense force of the country. Conceptualized by the GREY, the campaign looks at empowering women and changing the societal stereotypical perspective towards women.


Sahil Mehta, Zishan Mohammed, Manoj Tapadia, Harshvardhan Sharma, Gurdev Singh, Arjun Bhimwal, Rajesh Kumar, Bhavya Goel, Piyush Jain, Gautam Bhasin, Varun Goswami, Sandipan Bhattacharyya

Account Management: Ketan Desai, Pulak Bhattacharya,

Vishal Pant Grey Works (Films): Samir Chadha, Sharad Shinde

Production House: Asylum Films

Director: Razneesh Ghai

Cinematographer: Mitesh Mirchandani

Executive Producer: Bhavna Singh

Director’s Assistant: Aiman Ali Associate

Producer: Vidya Muraleedharan

Additional Shooting: Director: Samir Chadha

Producer: Mitalee Prabhu

Cinematographer: Dhimant Vvyas

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