[Infographic] How to manage negative social media comments

Negative Social Media Comments

Sooner or later, every social media manager has to go through something that they all dread, and that is a negative social media comment. There is always a possibility of at least one disgruntled consumer who has to be tactfully and politely dealt with, showcasing how your consumers matter to you.

Negative social media comments may even stretch to abusive comments, and in such a situation, always remember you are representing your organization. The conversation may be between you and the unhappy consumer, but your entire network are spectators and the way you handle this situation will determine your outlook towards consumers, in good times and bad times.

If you are a social media marketer, and have ever wondered how to deal with negative social media comments, or when is it okay to delete an abusive comment, this Infographic will help you turn your consumer’s frown, upside down.

Negative Social Media Comment

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