#SocialSuperMom: Prega News inspires comfort for pregnant women at their second home

Stepping into a contemporary society, brands have widened their reach, touching upon issues that aren’t usually acknowledged. To elaborate on this, blending their cause of belief with Mother’s Day, PregaNews became a brand to create a campaign that ensures a mother to be’s well being at her workplace or rather ‘Your Second Home.’

Your Second Home

In an evolved scenario, the concept of working-women has become considerably mainstream and acknowledging this fact, PregaNews posed itself as a brand that caters to the working to-be-mothers fitting into the contemporary urban society through this campaign.

As the film begins, it attempts to maintain a sort of suspense by building up a scene wherein an expecting mother finds her work-desk empty one morning only to assume that she was fired because of her pregnancy, immediately stirring their viewers to think in the negative light.

As she rushes in to speak to the HR of the company she bumps into a room only to be pleasantly surprised wherein all her stuff is shifted from a desk to a cabin. PregaNews, holds a strong message through their campaign of providing care and concern at workplaces, acknowledging all those women who strive to achieve a balance between profession and motherhood.

Through this campaign, the brand throws some light on the emotional and physical needs of pregnancy and also informs how uncomfortable furniture or strong odor inducing nausea can affect a pregnant woman.

Social media buzz

Keeping women empowerment as their niche, drawing a connection with their brand and resonating the topicality of Mother’s Day in their content, the brand released a film that inspires a more welcoming, warm and comforting workplace environment for working women, who spend a large chunk of their time there or as the brand labels it – the second home.

PregaNews created their first-ever digitally inclined campaign that addressed an issue which usually is not spoken of at large though is faced massively. Prior to this, the brand has coupled with Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor, giving an ode to mothers.

On a large scale when the competitors or brands of this category as involved in advertising the product and celebrating the news of getting pregnant, this brands goes a step ahead through their social media to become thought leaders with a strong message of compassion.

Since its release on May 4, the brand received 136k views with 3.9k reactions and over 2k shares, wherein the brand enhances its digital presence by running its campaign through a strong content and not just a celebrity ambassador.

Opening the digital doors of the Mother’s Day themed campaigns, Prega News looks at benefiting the society through its message, with a slightly predictable story-line yet one of the finest campaigns under this category.

For more Mother’s Day activities on social media, we intricately look at content revolving around this theme under #SocialMediaSuperMoms. Stay tuned for more content celebrating Mother’s Day.