Quora Video answers in Beta phase! All that you need to know..

Quora Video

Quora has answers to pretty much every query you may have, but the Q&A platform has begun testing a way to enhance the way questions are answered by offering the ability to upload videos, which was previously only available with embedded YouTube videos or from similar platforms. Their foray into the video tutorial domain may begin with Quora Video.

The platform’s reliable user reliant Upvote feature could be the hidden ace in the hole if Quora video does take off, and will gnaw away some of YouTube’s ‘How To’ circle where the astonishingly popular make up tutorials currently exist. There’s a lot of other tutorials out there, although the ones I mentioned are ‘too’ popular.

Much like Instagram is the picture library of the internet’s daily shenanigans, YouTube the portal for pretty much every video there is, or Facebook the registry of friends, family and schoolmates who found you, Quora is the Q&A hub of the internet, where legit knowledge and absurd confessions peacefully co-exist.


Quora Video

The company said in a blogpost announcing the experimental beta testing of Quora Video, “ Authors in the beta group will be able to record videos on mobile devices for their answers using the Quora iOS and Android apps. These answers can be viewed by everyone on Quora, just like any other answer. Questions can be answered entirely with video, or video can be used to supplement written answers.

Content Creators who are substance over style, with ‘truly helpful’ videos may rejoice since on Quora, user ratings are the only thing that will make sure their ‘Quora Video answer’ wins out over other ‘less or completely irrelevant/helpful answers.

Tommy MacWilliam, Quora’s Head of Mobile tells TechCrunch, “Our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge, and knowledge comes in many forms—not just written answers.” “Just like with text answers, people can upvote or downvote video answers to indicate how helpful the video is at answering the question.” He adds.

Quora Video

Make up, Cooking, Tech, Video Games, and many other topics generate a lot of queries and with Quora Video answers to all these questions, backed up by the ‘Upvote’ feature, users can find the most helpful answers under one Question Thread, which is simply convenient to say the least.

In terms of monetization, Quora could work with pre-roll ads on video, which may pose an attractive proposition to a lot of content creators, and also motivate them to grab the early bird advantage to get a head start.

Quora Video

Quora boasts of a 100 million unique monthly visitors to their platform according to CEO Adam D’Angelo and recenqtly began monetizing in the form of sponsored questions, carefully working with Lever, Uber, Wealthfront, and Sunrun initially.

Video, once again is the true MVP no matter what, and will potentially dominate virtual conversation and content creation in the next few years.

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