#SabseBadaMoh: Star Sports is back with a India v/s Pakistan campaign


Star Sports’ new campaign, #SabseBadaMoh for the ICC Champions Trophy revolves around the fascination of fans on this side and that side of the border with India-Pakistan cricketing rivalry.

The rivalry between India and Pakistan on the Cricket ground has defined the euphoria and obsession around the game, and each meeting between the Titans of Cricket throws fans into a frenzy.

The campaign video for #SabseBadaMoh shows how one of the greatest rivalry in Cricket shows a man renouncing all his worldly possessions in search for Moksh. He visits a monastery in Ladakh and proceeds to shave his head and become a monk. He catches a glimpse of a newspaper headline that reports an India vs Pakistan cricket match at the ICC Champions Trophy on June 4th.

The man sprints out of the monastery since an India-Pakistan match is one worldly possession he cannot renounce since it is the #SabseBadaMoh.

A Star Sports India spokesperson said, “ICC Champions Trophy is the biggest cricket tournament of the year and, with an India-Pakistan match, every cricket fan will tune-in no matter which side they cheer for. The passion, pride and enthusiasm that an India-Pakistan match draws from fans is unmatched around the world. ‘#SabseBadaMoh’ underlines this sentiment and carries the #ChampionsKaWorldCup campaign forward.”

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