We saw SIT’s new series – Bin Bulaye Mehmaan for you!

Shitty Ideas Trending

Well, the weekend is here and it is time to binge watch (If not eat. Phew. Damn you diet) and we found the perfect binge for your Friday night. So, Shitty Ideas Trending is out with their new series – Bin Bulaye Mehmaan and we watched it for you.

No prizes for guessing here. As the name suggests series is all about Meera and Abhimanyu facing the wrath of unexpected and uninvited guests, who much expectedly let all hell loose. As much as you will miss, the chemistry of Ashwin and Shalini, the very relatable storyline makes up for it.

Snackable and entertaining, the final episode of this series came out yesterday giving you all the more reasons to binge watch this over the weekend.

And let’s just say you are going to hate Jhanvi and very likely the word prefer. Trust me on that! The characters connect well and the Gen X couple struggles are demonstrated well.

Which are your favourite web series? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always on the lookout for new binge watching experiences.

PS: They also have a making video. It is pretty fun to watch.