Snapchat Ad Manager launched for small businesses

Snapchat is expanding their association with businesses by introducing a new Snapchat Ad Manager, and a couple more tools to complement it.

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Snapchat Ad Manager

Expanding the association with businesses on their platform by opening up a new Snapchat ad manager for smaller businesses to leverage Snapchat successfully. The company is also throwing in a few tools to complement the Snapchat Ad Manager.

Available from June onwards in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and other countries, the tools accompanying the ad manager are a new Snapchat Mobile Dashboard, and a Business Manager site.

Earlier, advertising on Snapchat was perceived as an elite affair of sorts, within the reach of big brands, and that acted as an obstacle for smaller businesses with limited resources to reach out to their audience through Snapchat.

Why? Because businesses could only purchase ads from the sales team or ad tools built by third party ad tools, which obviously came at a cost.

The new Snapchat Ad Manager is aimed at enticing smaller businesses to think of Snapchat as a viable advertising option, and hence would be exempt from any fee.

Considering the short 10 second videos that is the maximum extent for creating compelling content on Snapchat, creating and cramming up appealing and creative content for audiences could turn out to be an obstacle that most businesses may or may not overcome.

Along with Snapchat Ad Manager, the Mobile Dashboard and Business Manager can be used to do the following:

Snapchat Ad Manager Snapchat Ad Manager. Image Source

Ad Manager : “Buy, manage, optimize and view reporting on campaigns for all Snap Ad types, including video, app install, long-form video and webview. Organize targeting capabilities, goal-based bidding for swipes or installs and assets like video creative or audience lists like emails and mobile IDs,” as reported by Tech Crunch.

Mobile Dashboard : Gauge the performance of your ad campaign, edit campaigns, and retrieve metrics from Snapchat.

Snapchat Ad Manager Business Manager. Image Source

Business Manager : “Configure roles and permissions for ad team members, change billing contacts and manage different ad accounts,” writes Josh Constine.

He further reveals why Snapchat may have considered bringing more advertisers on board, “Broadening the range of advertisers it accepts could help Snap boost its revenue at a critical time for the startup. It’s about to have its first earnings call next week after going public in March. But slowing user count growth due to product changes and competition from Facebook’s apps means it may need to rely on revenue growth to wow Wall Street.”

With more new advertisers coming on board, the tide could turn just a little bit for Snapchat.

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