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GreenOpia Inc.

Who are we?

GreenOpia Inc. is all about a bunch of crazy serious people who help you find, explore and enjoy your digital presence with a BANG! In the times when the world is actually becoming virtual and social media is the best address to reach out to individuals, we give a thriving push to all the digital marketing goals of our patrons. We read their minds, sense their requirement of being exclusive in their industry and resort to ultimate social media solutions that makes them evident virtually.

What is in the name?

'GreenOpia Inc.' when bifurcated is all about Green and Opia where Green - refers to freedom that lets us pursue new ideas and challenging tasks and Opia - refers to a craving, a passion to deliver quality work within framed deadline! Our well-versed team of digital marketers has an expertise in hitting at the right spot by having an emotional connect with the customers - turning them into brand advocates by earning loyalty.

How did we evolve?

Nilkanth Ray, the founder of our digital jungle had a vision to deliver every patron their own space in the virtual world. With him, 9 more stand together to develop and deliver a beautiful space and let our clients leave their footprints over this digital era.

What we do?

We adhere to our objective of assisting solo entrepreneurs as well as small to medium sized businesses from strengthening their online presence to attracting more customers as well as retaining and enriching the existing ones.


Call it our expertise or services:

Social media marketing

Search engine marketing

Online reputation management

Branding & communication

Content Writing

Mobile UI/UX Design

Why we do it?

Being digital is what GreenOpia Inc. is addicted to. We love delivering unique needs of clients and taking care of with the utmost priority by rendering a unique space in the virtual world. By assessing the digital presence, we assure our patrons an unmatched digitized presence through proper communication and execution techniques followed by GreenOpia!

Need of the hour!

“Hunting” that’s what we call it! For you it’s research.

Keeping up with recent trends and delivering it to the best.

Our Clientele

Symphony Limited

Korn Drop

Oven Magick’

Mitticool Refrigerator


Decathlon Applewoods

Decathlon Nipania

Decathlon Dumas Road



Madhubhan Resort

Bas ek chance- a urban gujarati film

Daav thai gayo yaar


Copper closet

Burg’z burger and more..

Our jungle’s future:

We have already made it a crazy digital jungle. Still, we would love make it more digital in terms of using and coping with the marketing technologies. Also, invite more and more digital challenged brands to operate and fix up the e-gap!

A day without internet

That’s a day we spend time going back to old school days. Playing Uno cards with some cheesy snack.

But, we shout loud for the INTERNET!!

Lastly, are we hiring?

Yes, if someone is crazily talented than we welcome you to our digital jungle, GreenOpia Inc.!

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