Star Gold Select HD ropes in stand-up artists in their new campaign

Star Gold Select HD

Under the title Movie Matters, Varun Thakur and Kaneez Surka, listed out an array of reasons (some valid, some maybe not) on why one may have missed the recent movies released around the year. Introducing how Star Gold Select HD has premier movies playing this year in case you missed one of the movies.

The comedians even starred in a pre-roll ad by the same brand wherein they rushed through the 5 seconds to talk about Star Gold Select HD yet again informing the viewers about the 52 premier movies the channel will offer for 52 weeks with just one interval.

Through their presence these comedians tried to put in the content with some light-hearted humor and ease. This pre-roll ad was titled as –‘Don’t skip good movies’ and garnered 2,867,753 views for their pre-roll.

Pre-roll ads are one of the most difficult to crack, since the audience are always desperately waiting to skip it. Star Gold Select HD managed to keep the viewers hooked beyond the five seconds, with the stand-up comedians jabbering in their unique styles.

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