#UltraBeliebers managed to convert Beliebers into loyal Kingfisher Ultra fans


Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour was all the rage in India, with Beliebers eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favourite singing sensation. While brands managed to leverage the Bieber wave, Kingfisher Ultra went a step ahead, by awarding the craziest desi Beliebers a VVIP pass of the concert.

The Idea

Kingfisher Ultra launched a 10 day long, #UltraBeliebers campaign, giving Indian Beliebers an opportunity to win VVIP passes of the concert by welcoming Bieber with one of his songs, with Hindi lyrics. Scores of Beliebers came out, grooving to their favourite songs with creative lyrics.

Bieber fans left no stone unturned in expressing their creativity and love for the star, with hopes to book a spot in the concert. With unique lyrics, Bielibers delivered great performances in some indeed catchy tunes.

The whole idea was to engage with excited Beliebers, while positioning Kingfisher Ultra as the ultimate brew, every youth wants to chill with.

The best performances were then selected and awarded with VVIP passes. To add to the funfest, Kingfisher Ultra spotted random unsuspecting Beliebers, chilling with their friends merely 5 hours before the concert and gave them one of the best gifts of their life – VVIP passes.

How it happened? All the customers at the Café were extended the challenge of singing their favourite Bieber song in Hindi, right therewith the best performances being awarded buckets of Kingfisher Ultra. Only once the winners were declared they were told that they have actually won passes for the concert and need to leave now.

The Results

Rather than relying on a one-dimensional communication format, #UltraBeliebers took the UGC route, engaging with the consumers on their level.

Further, what worked for the brand was the commendable gratification, that helped consumers recognise Kingfisher Ultra as a brand that isn’t afraid to spend on their consumers. End of the day, it is the gratification that keeps the consumers loyal and the brand has managed to crack that code.

Kingfisher Ultra also, garnered positive sentiment around the campaign and the overall initiative, managing to convert Bieber fans into loyal customers.

The entire activity was supported with fun, frolic, and creatives, making the Purpose Tour a memorable one for Beliebers and potential Kingfisher Ultra loyalists.