VEGA appoints Brand Visage as its digital agency in a multi-agency pitch

Brand Visage

Vega Industries Products on boards Brand Visage Communication as their Digital Agency to spread awareness about their beauty products & accessories in a multi agency pitch which concluded earlier this month.

VEGA launched its exciting & innovative range of products in the Indian market at the turn of the century in the year 2000. It is the only brand to have more than 500 unique products in hair brushes, hair combs, makeup brushes, manicure, pedicure, face and bath accessories thus covering the entire range of beauty accessories from ‘Head to Toe’.

Speaking on the occasion, Sandeep Jain, Director, VEGA Industries states ‘While we are proud of our accomplishments as market leaders, but as a leader our task is twofold – firstly, grow the market and secondly, educate the consumers. Further, in this age and era, where marketing and communication are going through a big revolution as witnessed by the shrunk screen size from TV to mobile, Vega has to be ready to face up to the challenges & embrace the opportunities ahead. As almost 70% of our product lines fall in the category of impulse purchase, therefore our partnership with Brand Visage is very crucial. We would like to leverage digital marketing channels effectively to make our consumers aware, educate, engage and provide our products at doorsteps. We loved their ideas & experience in this category and are looking forward to a buzzing year and a strong association with Brand Visage Communications’

Siddharth Khanna, Co-founder & CEO, Brand Visage Communications says “Vega has been a part of every household & has a share in most of the girls bag be it hair brushes, combs or accessories. Now with the changing content consumption pattern of Indian women, we need to be present as enablers where they are looking for solutions making a shift from aided to top of mind recall. We are really looking forward to great work & association with Vega”

Anuj Khanna, Co-founder & COO, Brand Visage Communications “We are very thrilled to be a part of such an interesting category with market leaders like Vega. With influencers, social & search playing a major role in aiding purchase decision in this category, we look forward to create interesting content around the brand & build seamless e-commerce solutions”