Samsung India creates buzz around their new model with #WantTheGalaxyS8


To promote their product Galaxy S8, Samsung India conducted an engagement contest on Twitter to garner attention of their viewers. The contest began at 10 am today for which the brand attempted to create curiosity for Twitteratis hoping to get them on board with #WantTheGalaxyS8.

In their first tweet, the brand posted a picture of outer space and asked people to brush up on their zooming skills before, wherein they asked people to zoom into a particular area and take a screenshot to solve the puzzle.

The next puzzle was of a similar kind, with their Samsung phone in the picture and like a Twitter treasure hunt with clues was carried on. The brand asked the viewers to follow them and re-tweet the zoomed in puzzles.

The contest was in a loop, wherein eventually the brand kept sharing images and Twitterati had to follow and keep themselves engaged with the activities. The campaign is currently trending on Twitter wherein people are engaging with the activities, clearly the brand has caught the attention of their viewers.

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