Social Media Agency Feature: Avail Advertising

Avail Advertising

Who are we?

We are your go-to partner for advertising & branding. Established in 1989, Avail Advertising has over 25-year long legacy of creating successful brands. We have been instrumental in the consistent growth of several brands across various industries like education, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, FMCG and so on. Treating each of the brands we have handled like our own, we have nurtured and helped them grow through thick and thin, creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. It is this dedication and perseverance that make our clients trust us even for their most challenging advertising task

What’s in the name?

The name Avail itself suggests that we help and assist our clients in all forms of advertising. A partnership with us is sure to benefit everyone, creating a win-win situation in which we all are at an advantage.
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What we do?

All forms of creative advertising! Yes, everything. In this cluttered ambiguous advertising scenario, we have managed to keep our creative instinct firm. Instead of going with the easy flow, we drain out the obvious solutions and look out for the excellence in creativity. We provide solutions that are practical and tangible. We have a team of potential creative professionals and support staff to serve huge clientele base spread across the country. Seamless innovative solutions for brand building, print, audio- visual, exhibitions, digital marketing, event management and Cross Platform Promotion makes Avail Advertising different from the rest.

Why we do it?

Let’s just say, we do it because it runs in our veins. We are passionate about our work and take every possible step to go beyond the obvious and produce unique solutions. We offer solutions that uplift the face of a brand and create a special brand identity in customers’ mind.

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How we evolve?

Day by day. Month by month. Year by year. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities and we are constantly on the hunt. We have created an internal group for sharing new updates and ideas as there is no specific time when someone has a eureka moment.

Social responsibility in social media

We consider it’s our responsibility to educate the client about the different aspects of social media. If the client is made well aware, then he can give us his best and there will be more synergy in working together. We also aim at understanding their entire marketing strategy (not just online) so that all platforms can gel well together and complement each other.

Need of the hour

Today’s need of the hour is for everyone to respect copyrights, maintain originality in ideas and have complete transparency and honesty in dealings.

We learned the hard way

So many things. But just to name a few: Never to start working with a client unless we have a clear picture about what needs to be done. Leaving no room for assumptions. Getting content approved by the client before posting.

Viewpoints and tips you would like to share.

Keeping updated with the latest social media trends and features and using them effectively for the benefits of the client is one of the most crucial needs of this hour. Also spending time on research and planning to identify the behavior of the social media audience is very important.

Did we just share that?

From overenthusiastic clients to weird and impossible demands. We have our share of fun. It might be so that clients genuinely don’t know what they are asking for is impossible, but there lies in our responsibility to tell them what is right and possible.  Some instances include

A client asking us to add background music to a GIF (Sure, why not? XD)
30,000 Organic Likes on Facebook within 1 week (Anything More?)

Your clients

As much as we would like to mention all the organisations which have benefitted by partnering with us, we can’t reveal all of them (you can check some of them here ). We have worked on more than 500 projects with more than a 200 clients.

Industry as we foresee

We have a PhD in fortune telling. We like to predict stuff and it usually comes true. Social media platforms will be majorly used in lead generations and as revenue earning channels besides building the brand which is the primary objective. The industry is dynamic. Very dynamic. Expect some very good surprises.

A day without Internet

Instead of cursing the internet providers, we choose to utilize that time for brainstorming, sharing case studies and of course playing a T-rex championship on Google Chrome.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re always looking for the right people to join our team.