[Case Study] Peter in England creates 256k Impressions on Facebook

Peter in England

In order to connect with their audience through compelling narratives though social media channels, Peter England rolled out their latest campaign, Peter in England based on the brand ethos, ‘Be Everything You Love.’


Peter England


Sapient Razorfish


Peter England created a persona, Peter Carvalho sharing his experiences and interests with social media users such as cycling, travel and cricket, establishing a connection with their audience by creating intrigue around Peter’s story.


Peter England’s campaign initially introduced the character ‘Peter Carvalho’, urging their audience to stay tuned as Peter embarks on a journey of a lifetime. The campaign involved Peter England’s social media audience to use the clues and hints to guess the next destination and activity.

Cleverly titled Peter in England, the campaign was rolled out in conjunction with the ICC Champions Trophy in England and Wales. Delighting users with this unique activity, and Peter’s adventures, Peter England stirred up social media with their storytelling and thrilling premise.

Peter England’s campaign employed a three pronged social media platform approach including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as their choices, with 11 posts made on each platform.

On Facebook, Peter England maintains a commanding presence with 1.8 million followers, more than 14.5k followers on Twitter, and 15.8k followers on Instagram.


Peter in England generated more than 256k Impressions, and an Engagement of 8965 on Facebook. Through 11 posts, 8566 Likes, 92 Shares and 307 Comments were racked up. The campaign successfully managed to intrigue audiences with their timely posts and interesting plot. On Twitter and Instagram too, the campaign performed well.

On Twitter, 12410 Impressions were generated, with 158 Media Engagements and 80 Profile Clicks. Promotional posts on Twitter received 75 Likes and 57 Retweets. On Instagram, Peter in England delivered 250007 Impressions, with an Engagement of 2149 and a Reach of 4935. More than 2100 Likes and 49 Comments were received on Instagram.

The campaign received its highest engagement from Facebook with 76.6%, and upon conclusion of the campaign, 23 winners were announced for guessing the correct progression of Peter’s adventures.