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Fill your cart with color

eBay and Amazon have a lot in common, apart from the fact that both of the corporations have made billionaires out of their founders, and being international e-commerce giants with presence in numerous countries across the world. For eBay’s Fill Your Cart With Color campaign, the famed third party seller domain has displayed a competitive edge to take on their rivals, Amazon.

Fill your cart with color

The campaign video for eBay’s Fill Your Cart With Color, posted on YouTube on June 4, 2017, begins with a conveyer belt laden with cardboard boxes, reminiscent of Amazon’s packaging, with dull music playing in the background, proceeding to fade out, as a question pops on the screen asking viewers, “When did shopping become so beeeeeeeeeeeige?”.

The video then proceeds to display colorful eBay packages being delivered to doorsteps, containing colorful objects that bring smiles and happiness to their recipients, passions such as ‘fly fishing’, stacks of denims, and jet-skis, being fulfilled through shopping on eBay! There is also a leaf blower in the video for some reason.

Well, the message is clear from eBay. Shopping should be fun, colorful and exciting, and should bring all of the aforementioned qualities to you when your package arrives. It shows an interesting approach from eBay, and has the potential to pay off.

Fill your cart with color

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