Instagram celebrates LGBTQ Pride Month with rainbow stickers and paintbrush!

Instagram is gearing up to offer their support to the LGBTQ community this June Pride Month with exclusive rainbow themed stickers and more!

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Instagram LGBTQ

Instagram is gearing up to support the LGBTQ cause this month with themed stickers and an all new rainbow paint brush, since June is celebrated as the Pride Month, and these are bound to turn every picture on Instagram full of color and pride!

Six new stickers will be made available to users this month in support of the Instagram LGBTQ community and each sticker has been created by different LGBTQ artists namely “Carra Sykes, Andy Simmonds, Cute Brute, José Antonio Roda, and Josh McKenna.” as reported by Mashable.

The official hashtag for the June Pride Month is #Pride2017, and you can also tap on the newly introduced Stickers to know who created them, and can also visit their Instagram handle to check out their work giving them a platform to showcase their art on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

Instagram LGBTQ

Furthermore, the standout Paul Smith Los Angeles store wall, which carries a shade of bright pink is being painted with rainbow shades for the Pride Month, and walls in the cities of Madrid, London, Cleveland and Nashville will also be turned into a rainbow celebration for the Instagram LGBTQ community, and queer individuals all over the world.

To garner support for the Instagram LGBTQ community, the hashtag #wordsofkindness is being promoted by Instagram in order to encourage users to leave a positive message in comments.

“Visit a rainbow wall and take a photo or video in front of the wall to show your support of the LGBTQ community. You can also join the #KindComments movement on Instagram and make someone’s day by leaving a supportive comment on their post.” said the company in an official blog post announcing the new stickers and Instagram’s involvement with the Pride Month.

Instagram is a part of the Facebook family, which has never had any inhibitions whilst celebrating LGBTQ pride, the most memorable being the Rainbow Profile Picture filter to commemorate the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, upholding the right to marriage for same sex couples. The rainbow filter was one of the most widely used filters introduced by Facebook.

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