14 International Father's Day Campaigns to learn from

Let us look back at some of the heart warming international Father's Day campaigns about the irreplaceable bond between a child and a father

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International Father's Day Campaigns

A day solely dedicated to celebrating and honoring the pillars of our lives, the person who shields us from all things bad, to give us all things good, Father’s Day presents an opportunity for children to give back just a tiny bit of the endless love that we receive from the first and true hero of our lives.

Much is said about Mothers and Mother’s Day and rightly so, but when it comes to expressing affection and love, we can all agree, our fathers are just a tiny bit awkward and not very good at it. They have their own ways of doing everything they can, at times even without their children noticing how much they do.

Father’s Day is one such occasion when we can reflect on how considerable an impact is delivered upon our lives by our fathers, and at times it takes a melancholy tear-jerker to tug at the strings of our hearts. Let us look back at some of the most heart-wrenching renditions in the form of International Father's Day Campaigns on the irreplaceable bond shared by a child and their father.

1. MetLife Hong Kong

A beautiful video about a single father's hardships and his tireless endeavors to shield his daughter from the brutal realities, striving to offer her the very best of everything, sacrificing his comfort, hunger, and many more in the process, MetLife HongKong's Father's Day campaign, My Dad's Story from 2015 is one of the most well-made campaigns for this special day.

2. Angel Soft

The story of Mr. Rayos, an immigrant, a widower, a loving and hard-working father who works three jobs to provide for eight of his children who live back home in the Philippines, as he lives with one of his daughters in the United States of America. Having not seen his children ever since he left, Mr. Rayos receives the greatest gift that he could ever ask for, a ticket to see his children.

3. Thai Life Insurance

The story of a deaf and mute father, who knows nothing but love for his young daughter, who wishes for an ordinary father, not knowing her father is nothing short of extraordinary. A moving three-minute video, this campaign video has the potential to make the hardest of people cry.

4. American Family Insurance

A fitting ode to the most important insurance in the life of a child, someone who guarantees protection no matter what, American Family Insurance's Father's Day campaign from last year shows how a father prepares his child to follow his dreams and equips him with the ability to #DreamFearlessly.

5. Gillette

As Gillette says, more than 84% of young boys say that they receive their information from their phones, the company decided to knock technology out of the way of fathers and their sons, bringing them closer with activities that only a Dad can teach his son, like his first shave, how to tie a tie and how to ask a girl out.

6. Tesco

The supermarket chain brand gave grateful children reduce their fathers to a bundle of joyous tears, giving them the opportunity to play a pre-recorded Father's Day message at a Tesco branch, taking their Dads by surprise, expressing their admiration, gratitude, and love on Father's Day.

7. Bernas

Malaysian Paddy procurer, importer, distributor, and marketer, Bernas' Father's Day campaign from 2012 shows a disgruntled son leaving his family after an argument with his father, eventually meeting with an accident at work and being confined to a wheelchair. An emotional video, it shows a father and son grow closer to each other and overcome the son's disability.

8. Family Share

9. Love Letters

Featuring children writing letters to their incarcerated fathers, it shows how kids can soften and even make the hardest men regret having missed being with their children because of their mistakes. It presents an opportunity for the fathers to make amends and look forward to living a full fruitful life with their children after they leave prison.

10. Courtyard Hotels

Asking children to speak about their Footballer fathers, while they listened behind the scenes, Courtyard Hotels brought smiles to their faces when the kids spoke so fondly about them and the things they love about their fathers.

11. Echo Storytelling Agency

Bringing fathers to face to face with their children, and having them ask one simply question, "What about me makes you proud?", inducing tears when the fathers answered. Aimed at urging children and fathers to share their feelings, #TellThemNow was a Father's Day campaign created by Echo Storytelling Agency in 2015.

12. Dove Men Care

Calls For Dad from Dove Men Care featured children of all ages calling out to their fathers at different moments, during different activities, and using different versions of the word Dad. The candid portrayal is heartwarming and sheds light upon how close a father and his child are.

13. Dockers

The apparel manufacturers' Father's Day campaign from 2016 was based on testimonials of children sharing their most cherished memories with their Dads, and the things that they have learned from the role models they have grown up admiring and adoring.


Kleenex organized a Father's Day surprise on Career Day for visiting fathers by having their children write special messages for their 'heroes' and reading them out loud in front of their class. Urging people everywhere to spread the love with their Father's Day campaign, Kleenex managed to put smiles on the faces of fathers.

These campaigns not only manage to commemorate Father's Day but set an example for the industry, as brands and agencies try to chalk out a masterpiece every year.

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