Fbb release #MissIndiaWaliFeeling ahead of the beauty pageant


Fbb, the title sponsor of fbb colours Femina Miss India,released a short film, #MissIndiaWaliFeeling, featuring the 30 contestants of Miss India from across all the states of India.

The film aims to draw attention to the fact that no matter where one comes from or what one wears, all women share the #MissIndiaWaliFeeling. Be it trying on your mother’s make up or your sister’s over-sized shoes, every girl has that dream and that Miss India Wali Feeling, saying the campaign.

Conceptualized and executed by Social Kinnect, fbb’s Digital Agency, the film talks about that one particular feeling which all women share.

Woh #MissIndiaWaliFeeling gives an underlying message that this is that one particular feeling – the feeling of pride, poise and confidence.  This feeling unites all the women in India that gives them a sense of achievement.

Prior to this, Fbb released #DropThePants, which helped the brand increase their sales by 80 per cent.

The Miss India campaign was released on June 13 and has nearly 2.4 million views on Facebook and 351,081 views on YouTube.

Film & Campaign Title: #MissIndiaWaliFeeling

Digital Agency: Social Kinnect

Production House: Kinnect Productions

Producer: Shiibu Tholat

Director: Pooja Khemani

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