Quest for YouTube fame leads to one dead! Mona Lisa Perez's tale

Mona Lisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz, in a bid to increase their social media followers, ended up being arrested and being shot dead respectively.

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Mona Lisa Perez

A weapon should never be within the reach of stupid people, but when it does happen, damage is done and at times lives are lost. A young American couple, Mona Lisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz, learned this the hard way resulting in the boyfriend’s death and possible jail time for the girlfriend.

We have all heard stories of things going horribly wrong when we least expect them to! Accidents at times have no one to blame besides misfortune itself. Although, some times, accidents could be attributed to the sheer stupidity of some people who needed to rethink their actions before going through with them. Such is the tale of Mona Lisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz.

Mona Lisa Perez

Such is the story of Mona Lisa Perez and her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, who in a bid to increase their social media followers and subscribers, ended up being arrested and being shot dead respectively.

All for a stunt that was not at all thought through, Mona Lisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz, parents to a three year old child and with another little one on the way. Looking towards making it big on social media at a time when bloggers and vloggers are forced to innovate and do new things to keep their audience interested, the couple decided to pull off a stunt.

Mona Lisa Perez This screenshot is from the video that was uploaded soon before the couple performed the stunt that led to Pedro (top) lose his life.

The stunt involved Pedro Ruiz holding a book to his chest and Mona Lisa Perez firing a bullet at it, which they believed would block the bullet. Physics, sadly had a shock in store for the couple, with more than 30 onlookers who were left shell shocked as they watched Pedro take a bullet to the chest and lose his precious life.

This video was uploaded by the couple on the day of the accident.

Pedro Ruiz’s aunt admitted that she knew about the stunt that the couple were going to perform, and had very strongly objected to the idea, asking them not to do it. Claudia also told the channel that the reason Mona Lisa and Pedro chose to perform the stunt was to gain more traction on their YouTube channel that they started in March, hoping to portray the lives of teenage parents in front of the worldwide YouTube community.

Mona Lisa had also tweeted about her being unsure of the stunt that they were about to perform. Mona Lisa Perez has been arrested on charges of second degree manslaughter and the gun, a .50 caliber Desert Eagle has been confiscated. She appears in court next Wednesday and the child she is pregnant with, is due in September this year.

We appeal to all our readers to exercise precaution when it comes to pranks, no matter whether the cameras are rolling or not.

News Source : BBC News

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