Nivea Body Deodorizer breaks the monotony of YouTube Pre roll ads

Nivea Body Deodorizer

Have you ever watched an entire YouTube pre-roll ad? We did not think so either. Viewers disenchantment with YouTube’s pre-roll ads has served as inspiration for the new promotional video from Nivea Body Deodorizer with Anushka Sharma.

YouTube’s pre-roll ads are almost always skipped after five seconds and never watched beyond the five-second mark. Anushka finds out the hard way as the director announces pack up even before she completes what she was trying to say in the Nivea Body Deodorizer ad.

The director breaks news to her that ‘these ads are skipped after five seconds’ as she tries to convince the director that there is more to be said about the product, as the assistants begin taking the props away and the camera zooms out to reveal the set.

A cheeky spot from Nivea, it breaks the monotony of the usual YouTube ads with some quirky elements. It concludes with Anushka scooping up the deodorant bottles and walking out of the set. The video has garnered more than two million views on YouTube within a week of being posted.

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