Novotel Goa busts the youth only stereotype of the place with #GoaForKids

Saloni Surti
New Update

Novotel Goa rolled out a digital campaign, shifting its positioning to a kid-friendly hotel. #GoaForKids establishes the premium hotel as an establishment that is family oriented. A multi-phased campaign, #GoaForKids is promoted across all social media channels with prominence on Facebook and Instagram.


Conceptualised by MindShift Interactive, #GoaForKids was initiated with teasers that gave people a glimpse of how their kids would be #LovedAtNovotel. The teasers managed to give consumers a glimpse of how kids spent time at Novotel Goa and are taken care of at all times.

“With #GoaForKids the brand aims to position Novotel Hotels & Resorts as the ultimate destination for a holiday with kids and lead prospect guests to the website, to avail various stay offers available for kids,” shared Zafar Rais, Founder & CEO, MindShift Interactive.

The campaign then entered its second phase, wherein #GoaForKids was unveiled with a creative GoPro video mounted on a kid’s chest, capturing various amenities that the properties offered to excited kids. The video captured a day at Novotel Goa from a child’s perspective.

The attached GoPro implements the concept of try before buy well, giving consumers an opportunity to experience the facilities from a literal view of the end users, the kids.

“We are surprised the survey shows kids have such an extreme influence on family travel decisions and hence was born our #GoaForKids campaign,” shared Rohan Sable, General Manager, Novotel Goa Hotels & Resorts.

#GoaForKids progressed with a contest, urging viewers to see the video and share their favourite bit in the comments. It was further promoted with various creatives, highlighting various bits of the video.

Novotel Goa released their second video on June 11, this time playing on the gourmet element, the video featured lip-smacking food that kids can enjoy at the hotel. This was amplified further as the brand released a contest, this time urging users to pick their kids’ favourite food in a Live poll.

The brand worked with various influencers including, Saloni Chopra, Kejal and Chandana Munipalle to experience the hotel and further disseminate content around #GoaForKids, ensuring the sustenance of the campaign. longside, various kid, travel, mother, GoPro and lifestyle Facebook Communities helped engage with audiences and increase views organically for the video.

“We selected influencers in the hospitality, travel and lifestyle industry, basis an understanding of the content they disseminated on their profiles and the audiences who followed them. Content around hotels, traveling, parenting, kids and Goa were taken on as priority content,” explained Rais offering insights on the influencer outreach initiative.

Rais told Social Samosa that the campaign will continue through a sustenance phase making #GoaForKids synonymous with Novotel Hotels & Resorts.

#GoaForKids – A hit or miss?

Novotel Goa definitely managed to affirm that they are more than any luxury stay. #GoaForKids sets the brand apart within a clutter of communication usually around wanderlust and extravagance of vacations.

The brand managed to capture their target audience for what they truly need – a well-deserved vacation where they don’t have to worry about or run behind their kids.

#GoaForKids also breaks Goa’s negative stereotype involving alcohol and parties, synonymising Novotel Goa to family vacations.

With a well thought social media mix and creative video content, the campaign re-brands Novotel Goa completely.

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