The culmination of human development and technological progress, smartphones have changed our lives for the better, being everything that we need them to be. A map, a wallet, a camera and our window into the entire world and the knowledge therein, it is all accessible with a single touch. Panasonic India’s #TheIntelligentPhones is a step in that very direction.

Making people’s lives smarter, simpler and much more interesting, Panasonic’s #TheIntelligentPhones is accompanied by a campaign video that shows us how smartphones are the perfect companions in our journey forward.

Conceptualized by Sociowash, the campaign video for #TheIntelligentPhones shows a young differently abled boy who misses his mother, and then proceeds to embark on a journey to meet her with his elder sister, assisted by their Panasonic smartphone at every step of their journey. Looking for directions, paying for a toy and learning ‘how to change a punctured tyre’, the brother sister duo finally reach to meet their mother who is in the hospital.

The narration of the video concludes saying, “Panasonic Smartphones, ye zindagi ko thoda aur smart banata hai’.

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