A look at Qoruz’s tracker for earned media performance.


In the age of an omni-channel social conversations and plethora of user generated content about brands, it has become imperative for brands to not just measure the performance of owned media but also make sense of what their existing and potential customers are posting about the brand.

Keeping in mind the importance of and the underlying value in earned media tracking, the team behind Qoruz – India’s leading influencer marketing platform, has launched a social campaign tracker that provides deep-data insights on consumer generated content about a brand.

Here’s a look at the Qoruz Tracker.

In a nutshell, the tracker helps brands monitor social media platforms for earned media content for specific keywords and ‘hashtags’. It further helps marketers in discovering top social influencers creating engaging brand-related content,track reach, engagement, and sentiment metrics, and get inspiration for branded content from the best source – the audience themselves.

“Various research studies have proved that peer generated brand content is much more influential when it comes to purchase considerations than brand’s own content. So, while good brands are focusing on creating engaging content, great brands are inspiring these peer influencers to co-create engaging content.” says Varun Tyagi, Product Manager for Qoruz.

“When it comes to analyzing social media performance, most brands are still very much focused on how well their social handles are doing. But only a few are measuring influencer-generated content and its impact, and that’s where the true social influence lies. This is where Qoruz tracker comes into play.”

To give you a brief overview of the tracker, once the user has specified the keyword, platform and the brand’s handle, the tracker starts populating the dashboard with social data and metrics– most engaging content posts and influencers, total conversations, number of people mentioning the particular keyword, impressions and engagement on the keyword and more. The tracker is currently able to track media across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs and News Sources.

The tracker dashboard provides a real-time visual stream called the Content Stream. It provides an elaborate aggregation of every conversation around the keyword along with links to the original posts. The breakdown helps brands exactly understand what kinds of conversations are happening on social platforms, what content is generation maximum engagement, and also understand the overall sentiment – all in real time.

Next is the Influencer Stream which helps brands figure out which influencers are the core content creators and what is it that they are saying about the brand. The feature potentially enables marketers to make right decisions in terms of influencer focus and relationship building, so that they are able to amplify positive messages, cut down the negative noise, and scale up their target audience reach.

Besides influencers, the tracker also monitors all the other web conversations as well. This helps brands understand the bigger social picture – audience sentiment, demographics, conversation cloud – as well focus on the individual pieces – user’s social profile and influence, their tweets, and engagement generated.

The A.I. enabled dashboard classifies and segregates influencers and normal social media audience into separate streams, that helps brands easily identify which content creators they should be focusing on in terms of nurturing and collaboration.

In its current avatar, the tracker is more suited for monitoring user generated content during a specific brand campaign. In addition, marketers can also track competitor activities and benchmark how their competition is faring in terms of earned conversations.

Going forward, the tracker will offer expanded capabilities such as helping brand monitor its social health 24X7, 365 days a year, deeper sentiment and audience analysis, brand’s overall social influence authority, integrated competition benchmarking, earned media value and more.

“We will also build upon the intelligence of the platform in terms of predicting what type of content will work for the brands, based on a deep-data analysis of the successful content. The endgame is to build a holistic earned media content monitoring, analysis, and inspiration tool”, said Prabakaran, CTO, Qoruz.

As the focus on the ROI potential of earned media increases, trackers like the one offered by Qoruz can enable modern marketers in putting method to the madness of social influence, and combined along with the influencer discovery and outreach features, complete the loop in terms of influencer collaboration and nurturing.

To know more about Qoruz Tracker, visit here.