Rostaa propagates religious tolerance with #RostaaSeDua

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Spreading the joy of festivities and the values that the holy month of Ramadan is synonymous with, Rostaa, a flagship brand from the house of Royal Dry Fruits Ltd launched their new campaign, #RostaaSeDua, in collaboration with the SMILE foundation.

Conceptualized and executed by HOWL and created by production house, Bullet On Wheels #RostaaSeDua preaches the message that humanity and righteousness have no religion, and reinforce it with their campaign video wherein a young gentleman appears anxious as the sun sets and the time to break his fast nears, but he is occupied in a meeting with his boss. The boss orders a plate of dates and fruits to be brought into the conference room, and says they can discuss business after a while.

The campaign video is meant to inspire religious tolerance and goodwill among people regardless of their religious practices.

Nikita Malhotra, Director Operations, HOWL, said, “It is easy to overlook that our brothers in faith are fasting all around us. We are all so de-sensitized in general to religious practices. Add to that the fact that Ramzan is to be observed in the peak summer months (March to June) till 2025. We all need to do our bit to help ease the discomfort that a hectic day in their life brings. I feel #RostaaSeDua is the perfect way to embolden this message. HOWL is privileged to have had our beautiful concept realized.”

#RostaaSeDua was launched on 28th May, 2017 and has received an overwhelming response, garnering more than 5 lac views across various social media platforms.

Soumalya Biswas, CMO, Rostaa said, “At Rostaa we constantly strive to spread health, happiness & wholesomeness through all our products. We started the Brand Rostaa 5 years back with the belief of giving back to the society. Our firm belief was to give India a brand which genuinely cares for the wholesome well being of people. We all deserve this, dont we? The driving factor is to be a part of our customers’ everyday life, be it festivals or just a regular day with their family and friends. However, we often forget to celebrate small acts of kindness that make our everyday special, not just for us but for everyone around. #RostaaSeDua speaks about neki (kindness/humanity) which doesn’t have any religion and we are doing our bit by partnering with Smile Foundation.”

“This campaign is the closest to our hearts among all of what we have done so far. The fact that our timelines from Brief to launch was just 9 days says volumes about how much we enjoyed working on this campaign. The messaging behind the campaign is very strong & we believed in it from the word go. It is a great concept and the execution approach we used is candid and slick," said, Vikalp Chhabra, Creative Director, Bullet on Wheels.

For #RostaaSeDua, the brand tie up with SMILE Foundation aims at Maternal and Child Health, Education, Empowerment, Vocational Training, Livelihood. Rostaa will donate a part of the profits made during the month of Ramadan to the foundation.

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