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From the problems of a first time tech blogger, to the blogging lifestyle, Sharmaji Technical gives Social Samosa a peek in his YouTuber life.

Praval Sharma a.k.a Sharmaji Technical decided to ramp up the tech blogging sphere with Hindi content a few years ago; since then, he hasn't looked back. Leaving behind a steady corporate job, Sharma now has two YouTube channels, and plans to take it to the next level soon.

Looking back, what was the one thing that led you to set up a YouTube channel?

Two years back when I started my channel, there was no one on YouTube who was making video on Tech Gadgets in Hindi language. So, that was the major thing which motivated me to start making videos in Hindi on YouTube. Why YouTube, because it was very popular in techies even before the birth of Jio and there is no interview process.

What were the challenges that you had to overcome in the initial phases?

Making a YouTube channel for Tech Gadgets review was a challenge in itself and no brand trusts you to provide gadgets for review; so, buying gadgets, taking loses was the challenge. But, after huge support from my viewers I overcame this huddle.

Please share you happiest YouTuber moment with us

There was a day when I had to choose between my job and YouTube, and I selected YouTube and leaving behind my corporate job. I was so happy that I did not break the trust of my 35000 supporters, who like my content and wait daily to see and learn something good from my videos.

What was the idea behind the first video you ever created?

Before starting YouTube, I did not think that I could make tech videos in the first place. But, one day I lost the motivation and will to do my corporate job and decided to take the plunge in YouTube. I did a trial video to see , how many people will accept my Hindi Tech Videos, because Tech as a category is associated with English. However, I was received by humble supporters, who were waiting for someone like me, who can help them with gadgets in our native language. After that I did not stop or doubted my self and everything went well.

It is all about taking the first step

What kind of monetization methods do you use? Do you work with brands often?

I use Google ad-sense as the primary method, Affiliate marketing and Brand sponsorship. In the beginning of 2017, I started getting opportunities from brands. It looks interesting.

What does a day in the life of a tech YouTuber look like?

YouTube means you are your own boss, you know what to do, when to do and when not to do anything. Starting from morning to night, every minute we have our gadgets with us, doing something, testing some gadget, apps. In fact, my family is tired of my schedule, that they urge me to ditch my devices and spend time with them. Having said that, my two and a half year old daughter watches more YouTube than I do.

Have you ever faced the issue of non payment or delayed payment from brands or agencies?

Yes, there was one Chinese sponsor who hired me for some work and did not pay. Also, many Indian agencies have very long payment terms like 90 days or so. Which is a huge delay in my opinion.

How do you think upcoming YouTubers can monetize their work?

For YouTube everything is Google Ad-sense. Specially if you are new, you wont get any other source of income in the beginning. Because no brand will come to you, if you don't have a good following.

Brands only care about your followers and reach, they don't bother who you are, what you do, what is your style etc. It is unfortunate, but true.

What are the most common mistakes tech bloggers tend to make?

In the beginning most bloggers, do one major mistake, that is clicking on their own content ads. It gets direct effect on adsense and if it gets suspended, then the blogger is finished. Many people do it to get more revenue quickly .

Second mistake, bloggers copy others' contents, which is a major fowl. They also tend to ignore platform terms and guidelines, which can again result in suspension. Also, many new bloggers Join Multi Channel Network, which is another dark side of YouTube, so avoid them, because they will ruin your channel.

How do you plan to take it to the next level? What are the plans for the coming year?

I have few things in my mind on which I am working. Tech is a niche where, after sometime old content get outdated, so we have to keep on working on something new. Other than tech I have started a non tech channel, called "Sharmaji Infinity", where I collaborate with non tech people and share different kind of YouTube content with our viewers.

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