Twitter attempts to re-position themselves with #SeeEverySide


Amidst all the Cannes excitement, Twitter rolled out a new ad campaign, in an attempt to establish themselves, as a platform to keep up with everything that’s happening. #SeeEverySide rolled out on Twitter on June 19, with a tweet featuring Chance The Rapper, who is taking live song requests.

According to Leslie Berland, CMO, Twitter, the campaign is a step ahead from their positioning of ‘See What’s Happening,’ which they defined last year.

“We rolled out our new expression digitally, across all our channels and beyond. Those new to Twitter started to understand what Twitter is for, our customers told us we felt more “Twittery,” and our brand partners are excited about their opportunity to be “what’s happening,” Berland wrote in a blog post.

Twitter rolled out the campaign, basis insights from passionate users, who shared what they loved the most about the platform.

“What they said was powerful: Twitter lets me see what’s happening from every point of view, all perspectives, every side. Whether it be music, sports, news or entertainment, being able to see every side of a topic,” Berland added.

The video with Chance, shows the artist taking varied song requests from all over the world – from a new song with real instruments to a favourite song on loop, he gets it all.

“Chance’s authentic use of Twitter is powerful as is his fandom and the conversation that surrounds him. We spotlight the voices of fans, press, influencers and artists – every side of the conversation – at the speed of Twitter,” shared Berland.

In the next few weeks, Twitter will also be launching films showing every side of sports and news.

Twitter isn’t the first platform to launch a campaign for amplifying reach and repositioning. YouTube launched #SeeSomethingNew in India, to enhance the reach of their best creators.

Facebook was the first one to mark the beginning of the trend with their campaign, Things That Connect back in 2012.