Volkswagen Polo GT’s new campaign explores Indo-Bangladesh storyline

Volkswagen Polo GT

Volkswagen unveiled on Social Media with a new brand film. Keeping the ongoing theme of ‘Respect’ intact, DDB Mudra West plays on the makeover of the Polo GT Sport.

The film begins with the car crossing the nation’s border, arousing curiosity and doubtful glances, the car continues to move with an unflinching attitude.

As it smoothly manoeuvres along the crowded streets, and becomes visibly more daring, and fearless; inspiring awe amongst onlookers. Thus, commanding even more respect as the Polo GT. The car is clearly moving through an opponent’s territory with a goal in mind. The film closes with the passengers of the Polo GT alighting out of the car to become part of the enthusiastic crowd, mingling well and yet standing out amongst the opponent team’s followers.

The car stands for a sporty spirit; the film has attempted to communicate this bravado, this unflinching spirit of determination and the confidence in the car that makes it capable of taking on any opponent. The new look of the car reflects the gutsy and intimidating presence of the car.

Kamal Basu, Head – Marketing & PR, Volkswagen Passenger Cars said, “The Polo GT has been an integral part of the Volkswagen portfolio in India and we recently strengthened the proposition with the introduction of the Sport edition. Retaining the legacy of ‘Respect’ the new TVC seamlessly demonstrates the powerful product attributes that conveys a strong and bold message.”

As per Rahul Mathew, Creative Head, DDB Mudra West, “You don’t even have to go through the specs to see that the Polo GT Sport packs a serious attitude. It’s this attitude we wanted to capture in our communication. And what better way to bring attitude to life than through some good ol’ rivalry.”

Agency Credit

Agency: DDB Mudra West

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral

President and Managing Partner, DDB Mudra West: Rajiv Sabnis

Account Planning Team: Aditya Kanthy, Mou Roy, Ankur Kapoor

Creative Team: Rahul Mathew, Shagun Seda, Kapil Tammal, Lalit Sakurkar, Vinay Singh, Priyank Bhadkamkar, Savio Banerjee, Faraaz Ansari,

Account Management Team: Anurag Tandon, Rakesh Varma, Rewis Dsouza

Films Team: Vishal Sane, Siddhi Bhopale