Wonder Cement breaks free of stereotypes with ‘Shuruaat Karo’

Wonder Cement

Attempting to break clutter and send out a strong message, Wonder Cement rolled out a new campaign, Shuruaat Karo. The brand video emphasizes on the importance of a strong foundation – be it in life or for a building.

The video commences with a teacher and his assistant attempting to attract the children of a remote village to the school. In spite of ringing the bell, no kids appear, urging the master to build a school to attract the kids and their parents. The protagonist gets bags of Wonder Cement and starts building a school with the help of his assistant. This soon attracts the villagers who come out in majority and help the duo in finishing the school.
The campaign ends with happy children skipping towards the school, glad to have an opportunity to learn and set a foundation for their future.

In an era where cement brands are seen speaking about strength and long-lasting power, Wonder Cement breaks free of the marketing stereotypes and shows cement for its true purpose – creating a strong base for a better and brighter future. All just by taking the first step with Wonder Cement!

The campaign also manages to reiterate the importance of education in a child’s life, urging viewers to take the first step and help these children get what they deserve.

The campaign has been conceptualised by Wonder Cement’s in house team and produced by Chrome Pictures. Shuruaat Karo has already received 898,317 views on YouTube.

The video has garnered whopping 2.6 million views on Facebook, 8 lakh views on YouTube and 5 lakh views on Instagram.

Strengthening its proposition of #EkPerfectShuruaat, the campaign manages to add a breath of fresh air in the Cement advertising industry.