Kuwaiti telecom giant, Zain Group’s message of love this Ramadan

Zain Group

An advertisement from a Kuwaiti telecom operator, with operations in eight Middle Eastern countries, Zain Group, aimed at battling terrorism with a message in the form of a song. Igniting conversations over its depiction of bombing victims, the brand portrayed the vision of Islam’s role in preventing violence and terrorism.

The three minute film created by Zain Group for the Ramadan season, features people of varied nationalities requesting with the suicide bomber to not carry out the violent attack, by making an appeal to his faith and drowning him in shame.

The film by Zain Group features Hussain Al Jassmi, an Emirati pop singer sings verses like “Worship your God with love not terror,” and “Let’s bomb delusion with the truth.” The film features the actual attacks of terror and actors showing the victims of the violence. The thought behind this campaign is to propose the message of love and peace with the entire world who views Islam as a violent, extreme religion.