18 tweets about things that happen ONLY IN MUMBAI!

only in mumbai

Perhaps there will never be a sentence that summarizes the inescapable allure and eccentric peculiarity of a city than ‘Zara hatke, zara bachke, ye hai Mumbai meri jaan’..and rightly so, because the things you see in Mumbai, happen only in Mumbai!

Nowhere else will you see the aam junta cower and bend the knee before a rickshaw wala, and be crushed among random strangers in a crowd. We bring you the real experiences of things that happen only in Mumbai from Twitter that you will find nowhere else in the world! Like how ‘distance in Mumbai is measured in time and not kilometres’ and many such beautiful gems.

Check out these hilarious yet so beautifully apt descriptions of things that happen only in Mumbai, the best city in the world!

1. BEST for a reason right?

Only In Mumbai

2. In my case, they don’t even say no. They just shake their heads :(Only In Mumbai

3. Rickshaw wala FTW!

Only In Mumbai

4. Have you seen the local trains?

Only In Mumbai

5. Time is money indeed.

Only In Mumbai

6. Amitabh Bhattacharya is a pretty well known Bollywood lyricist. 

Only In Mumbai

7. #OnlyInMumbai 

Only In Mumbai

8. If they stop the music before the police arrives, fire the DJ!

Only In Mumbai

9. I’ve seen dogs travel in trains so I trust this tweet. 

Only In Mumbai

10. Ye 10wa tweet Biswa ka hai :p

Only In Mumbai

11. So much relates is happening xDOnly In Mumbai

12. Mumbai. Entertainment is always available no matter where you look. Only In Mumbai

13. Bhai is Love. Bhai is Life. Bhai is Landmark also.Only In Mumbai

14. Don’t miss the ‘AAP KO JANA HAI KYA’!Only In Mumbai

15. Everyone is ‘bhai’ also. Relation wala and dadagiri wala bhiOnly In Mumbai

16. Kaka 7 rupya le lo na plssss….Only In Mumbai

17. Parking issues broooo…Only In Mumbai

18. This is so accurate omg!Only In Mumbai Only In Mumbai

#MumbaiMeriJaan, you are truly one of a kind.